What makes Dollar Staffing different?

Disrupting the Hiring Industry with aTransparent Automated Staffing Solution Software.

At Dollar Staffing, technology is leveraged to overcome all hiring related challenges. The aim is creating a simple, effective, and beneficial onboarding processes both for employers and employees.

At Dollar Staffing, Innovative Hiring is the end goal benefitting many. It is a resourceful application for job seeker, job giver as well as recruiterscontractors and freelancers with a single-minded aim of making searching for and offering job simple.

At Dollar Staffing, we understand our client’s needs. We help client with information required about candidate in the most relevant manner. Our efforts are aligned towards ensuring the on-boarding process for our clients, across requirements and industries is completely hassle-free. Transparency, ethics, reliability, expertise and social responsibility are the core principles that guide us in maintainingprofessional relationships.

Dollar Staffing offers stakeholders with a variety of helpful features ranging from Recruitment Management, Applicant Tracking System, Contract Employee Management, Social Recruiting, Employer Branding, Candidate Assessment and Engagement, up to Employee Referral and On-boarding in one innovative software

We have meticulously put together a platform that minimizes eliminates the need for manual intervention throughout the hiring cycle.

Dollar Staffing software is built on the core principles of Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning capabilities. These form the basis in our drive for innovation in hiring.

Why Should You Choose Dollar Staffing?

Dollar Staffing is an innovative brainchild of the leading human resources.

Dollar Staffing is an innovative brainchild of the leading human resources promoters and industry leaders in the hiring field. It is a cumulative result of more than 60 years of dedicated solution-oriented endeavors. Each one of us at Dollar Staffing is a disruptor at heart. We believe in constantly striving towards creating solutions that drive the growth and development of hiring through path breaking initiatives.

We understand and help simplify the following hiring types:

  • Direct Hire.
  • Temp to Hire.
  • Short -Term Hiring.
  • Long Term Hiring.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Strategic Hiring.
  • Recruiter Hiring working for a Staffing Agency
  • Freelance Recruiter working independently

Salient Features that set Dollar Staffing apart

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Transparency at every stage
  • -Semantic and Contextual Search Algorithms
  • A.I. powered NLP and Data Mining
  • Resume and requirement tracking
  • Financial estimations and suggestions
  • Comprehensive interview process
  • Ease of access
  • Ratings-based software
  • Performance tracking
  • Time efficiency through reports
  • Interview, Selection and On-boarding Optimization
  • 15 Day Cancellation Window of Requirement, Resume, and Hotlist.

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