About Us

Dollar Staffing is a brainchild of the promoters, with 60 plus years of cumulative industry experience in various domains including but not limited to Information Technology, Banking, Mortgage, HR, Media Relations, etc. Dollar Staffing is one of the best staffing companies in USA and has evolved from a time-tested concept of offering the best and honest services to customers with minimal profits.

Dollar Staffing is committed to a fast approach and this supports the behavioral framework for our relation with job candidates, clients, employees, suppliers, and shareholders. Ethics, reliability, and expertise are the core principles of our profession and the people we employ. Our viewpoint is that our staffing services consultants only fill coursework within their field of proficiency.

Our expert consultants work with all professional business areas and specialize in a specific role type. Whether you’re looking for a new position or looking to find the best talent, we know where to look and who to speak to. Our passionate staff who’ll assist you to find the right position for your future – that may be temporary or permanent. We associate with top companies, with local and international reach, to assist you the roles you’re most interested in.

A dollar an hour from both the employer and the employee makes the difference in addressing the current industry challenges and helps the customers identify the best.

Dollar Staffing is the best staffing companies in USA and makes the job searching process very easy. We’ll allow you to find work easier, helping to cut stress and advance the complete onboarding experience. Our process is well recognized for its friendly approach that works quick and smart, we listen to what is your requirement and delivers the information that subjects most to you and your career. With remarkable connections across the business community in the country – we are constantly working hard to support the growth and development in every aspect.


We are loyal to serving our consumers and the society with the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, service, honesty, and integrity. We are passionate to remain utmost in customer satisfaction. We make every effort to maintain our reputation.


To offer the best quality and cost-effective services to customers in a completely transparent environment. Dollar Staffing assures the best and appropriate job opportunities with maximum emoluments to employees and at the same time offer the best and skilled resources to the employers within their stipulated budgets.