Dollar Staffing (DS) is an interactive staffing application (APPS) aimed at serving the industry on the concepts of UBER and Dollar Shops offering the best services by employing the state-of-the-art technology.

STEP 1: Upload Your Resume / Requirement

 (a) Dollar Staffing allows a Job Seeker (includes a friend, an individual, a recruiter, or a headhunter, etc.) to build or upload a profile (resume) seeking matching jobs.

  • Dollar Staffing matches the resume with the best IT jobs in the USA as per your choices like (i) location, (ii) hourly rate, (iii) corporation size & reputation, (iv) invoice payment cycles, etc.

(b) Dollar Staffing also allows a Job Provider (includes an employee, an individual, a recruiter, a client, or a headhunter, etc.) to build or upload a job requirement seeking matching resumes.

  • Similarly, Dollar Staffing matches your job requirement with the best resumes as per your choices like, (i) years of experience, (ii) skills, (iii) certifications, (iv) communication skills, (v) hourly rate, (vi) location preferences, (vii) joining time, (viii) background verifications, etc.


STEP 2: The Matching Program (AI Assistant)

(a) The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant of the Matching Program reinvents the candidate Experience:

The AI Assistant Lets You Focus on What You Do the Best, while it works on Candidate Capture, Selection, Scheduling, and Candidate communication & Appointment.

STEP 3: Minimal Markup or Finder’s Fee or Service Charges

(a) Dollar Staffing charges only $2/hour as service fee from the client for every successful placement.

STEP 4: We serve Crop-to Crop (C2C), Contract-to-Hire (C2H), & 1099.

(a) On Permanent Placements:
We are open to considering permanent placements for IT jobs in USA depending on case by case basis.

STEP 5: Automated Interview & Contract

The system is expected to schedule interviews, generate the agreements, etc. to complete a placement.

STEP 6: Ratings

Both the job seeker and job provider will rate the other side in their performance.